Tuesday, May 07, 2013

First day of daycare!

Yesterday was Levi's first day of daycare. He only goes on Mondays for now. I always said I would never do daycare but since my family doesn't live near me it got kind of hard finding someone to watch him here and there. Plus he is never around any other kids and he loves playing.

All ready for daycare...

We walked in to pick him up and he was standing there next to a little girl. It was so cute! The first day we went to check it out there was a little boy named TJ that he played with but he wasn't there yesterday. There are probably like 6-10 kids in his age group.

Since he has been sick he hasn't been sleeping well. They must have wore him out playing because he slept great last night! Now he is getting a runny nose but I think it has to do with teething still.

After daycare...

He came home and cuddled on the couch with daddy for a long time watching cartoons.

Daycare was a success! 

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