Thursday, June 27, 2013

18 Months!

Wish I would remember to update regularly!

Levi is 18 Months today! Time flies and he acts so much older every single day. It's crazy!

Mr Levi has been sick a lot this past 6 weeks. We've taken him to the pediatrician and ER numerous times. He was super fussy, not sleeping and just not acting like the happy baby I was use to. He kept getting ear infection after ear infection plus had a virus on top of it that would not go away! I am not a fan of his pediatrician and we will be finding a new one! We finally had to take him to the local urgent care and put him on the antibiotic shots that the hospital started a few weeks prior but his pediatrician refused to do. He is a million times better now! When we had taken him to the pediatrician 2 days prior to this he said it was just a virus, no ear infection, and to just give him tylenol. I knew this wasn't right hence the reason we went to the urgent care. 

Moral of the story: A mother's instinct is better than any doctors advice!

I was told to get a referral to an ENT but I'm hoping that this works this time and as soon as he does get another ear infection I will be calling asap! I've just been trying to be extra careful during bath time and swimming that I don't get any water in his ears. 

Here's picture overload from the past 6 weeks...
He's so handsome!
Swimming which we have done a lot lately!
 He loves watching cartoons. How he is standing is hilarious.
 We cuddle at night before bed and watch cartoons
 When he was sick :(
 He's a mess and hates sitting in his chair to eat
 Watching cartoons
 When he was really sick :(
 Bed time
 Another picture when he was sick and so tired
 He likes to go upstairs and play and watch tv
 Levi and daddy. I believe this was Father's Day
 Levi and his cousin Brody. They are only 6 months apart. Levi is so little!
 Playing on the patio with Uncle Clark
 He loves playing with his cars
 Eating dinner like he likes
Our breakfast routine. Watch cartoons, drink milk and eat cheerioes and throw them every where!

Lately Levi has been quite the little carnivore. He loves meat! He eats steak, any kind of chicken, hamburgers and just anything. Surprisingly it actually helps him not be constipated! Thank god because normally we had to use suppositories to help him go. He loves fruit. But is not a huge fan of veggies. He also loves pasta. He use to love any kind of cheese but lately will only eat mac n cheese. Another favorite is beans! He eats pinto beans, refried beans, and baked beans.

Still in size 4 diapers which we will probably be in for awhile since he's so little for his age.

He is almost walking. He can do it he just won't. We practice with him every single night he's just stubborn I guess. I really hope he gets with the program soon!

He talks like crazy. Repeats everything anyone says. Someone on tv even made a weird noise and he did it. Pretty funny.

He loves swimming, playing with his toys but especially loves cars and balls, loves being outside and loves climbing up and down the stairs. He is a pro and we rarely even keep the baby gates up anymore. Sounds scary but he is seriously that good at stairs. 

He goes tomorrow for his 18 month shots which we are just getting the shots and not having a 'visit' because I am not a fan of his pediatrician. He is leaving the office this next month. Thank god!

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