Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was pretty relaxing with a lot of swimming and grilling. Saturday we went to Blake's sisters and had tons of fun.
The water was cold so he wasn't a happy camper about swimming!
Aunt Tiffany. She calls Levi butter ball lol He looks extra chunky in this picture.
Levi's cousins. Gabe and Skylar.
Tiffany and her bf grilling.

Sunday we went swimming at our pool. I forgot my camera but I held Levi in the baby pool and he loved it. I held him out and he actually kicked his feet. Too funny!

Monday was a relaxing day. We grilled out and I watched The Bachelorette of course! 

This is what Levi had to say about this weekend. It was super hot and tiring! He fell asleep holding has paci. He is so funny.

And in true Tennessee fashion he's wearing his overalls. But of course he has to suck on them! lol

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