Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Month Check-Up

Levi had his 4 month doctors visit today. He had to get 2 shots. I hate it! I hate seeing him cry and it also makes him cranky all day which he normally never is!

He know weighs 16.6 pounds! He's in the 68th percentile for weight. He grew 2 inches since his last visit also! Yay! Now he's 24.5 inches long and he's in the 21st percentile for height. And as I already know he has a big ole head! lol It was in the 73rd percentile.

His next visit is June 27th when he's 6 months! Time flies! 

He's so handsome!

This is now his new favorite thing to do....
He chews on his thumb and talks. He's so funny!

He loves peek-a-boo and he also loves pulling his paci out of his mouth and he throws it around and pokes himself in the face with it and talks to it. 

I can't wait for my first Mother's Day!

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