Friday, May 18, 2012

Haircuts and Birthdays

Yesterday was my nephews 1st birthday! We went to a park on the lake and it was so pretty out!

Brody the birthday boy!
 His cake
His smash cake...
and  after...huge mess but it was worth it. He ate that thing up like he was starving!

I can't wait for Levi to do this! Speaking of Mr.Handsome....
He had his first haircut!

I was trying to wait but it was beginning to look a mess.

...and his many faces...

He liked it. Glad I"ll be the only one to ever cut his hair!

Tonight we went out to dinner and on the way my mom taught him how to stick out his tongue. Funniest thing ever. He kept doing it to the waitress. He copies every sound and anything you do. Smart boy!

Tomorrow we get to go to lunch with my mom, her best friend and her daughter who is prego with Levi's future wife! lol And then hopefully to the community picnic in our town. It's at the park. They have rides, food and fireworks! Then Sunday we're going back to the lake to go fishing!

Fun weekend!

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