Friday, April 27, 2012

4 months!

Today my little boy is 4 months! I changed up his monthly picture. His bath tub we put in the sink is getting a tad bit small. Makes me sad but the age he is now I absolutely love! His personality is starting to show and he is so funny!
He def has his daddy's big 'ole round head! lol

Someone mentioned today that he is starting to look more like me and I can def see it! I always pick him up and hold him like he's hugging me. The day he actually does for real I think I will cry! So sweet!

We decided that every month on his 'month-day' as Blake called it, we're going to get him a present. We buy him stuff all the time obviously but I just thought this would be something special. So today this is what he got...
Every time he eats he always plays with his bib and grabs it. This is soft and the body makes a crinkly noise when you touch it plus the feet are for teething so he can stick them in his mouth. So far he loves it! I found it   at Target obviously. My favorite place for baby stuff!

The other day I saw online that one of our local libraries was having a book sale. Adult books were $2 and children books were 25 cents! We went the first day it started and I got him a ton of books. And today I discovered a store we have here called McKay's. It sells used books and a ton of other stuff. I found him even more books and the best part is they are all Mickey Mouse! His book collection is getting big. One day when I have time I found an idea on pinterest that I plan on doing with them but for now this is where they go...

I'm not sure if it's just Tennessee or not but when you have a baby you can sign them up for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and every month they get a book. And it's free. I forgot about it until someone mentioned it to me so I signed him up finally the other day! I have 2 books from the Imagination Library that I bought at the book sale and they are super cute! So I can't wait for him to start getting them!

Levi's next doctors appointment is May 11th. It will be his '4 month' check-up and I think he gets shots again :(  Since the mess up with his insurance we got in late on his 2 month check-up so his doctor said to come in at 4 1/2 months just so it's enough time to tell how he's growing. Little boy is getting heavy!

This is his personality lately. He discovered he has a voice...
I love this little boy soooo much! He is the best thing in this world and I couldn't imagine not having him! I am so thankful!

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