Thursday, April 05, 2012

Two firsts for Levi...

Two years ago this May Nashville had a realllly bad flood. Our mall got flooded and has been closed ever since but it finally opened one week ago today! Blake and I wanted to go see how different it was because they had to gut the entire thing. Over the weekend there was an hour wait just to park! So we waited until Monday to go. All of the kiddos are on spring break this week so we thought it would be busy but it wasn't to bad. 

Levi is in love with the Mickey Mouse Club House show. Since he's to young obvi to get him an Easter Basket full of candy I had no clue what to get him...until...We saw the Disney store! I had a regular Mickey Mouse in my hand but when we were checking out I saw this...
I knew I had to get it for him since it's his first Easter. It even smells like chocolate!

The mall we went to didn't have the Easter bunny and I knew I wanted him to get pictures done so yesterday we went to a different mall and he got his picture taken for the first time with the Easter Bunny!
This picture makes me laugh because the Easter bunny wasn't very good at holding babies and since he couldn't see what he was doing he kept squishing him. He looks way chunkier than he really is. Oh well! lol

And his second first was last night we gave him baby food! He had the Gerber brand in those little plastic packs that come in sets of two. He had peaches and I'm not sure if he liked them or not. I think the whole spoon thing confuses him because he tried to suck it off. I don't know that I'll give him baby food everyday but maybe once a night or so until he gets the hang of it. He's still got a while until he can really eat it all of the time.

Today we went grocery shopping at Walmart and we were looking at diapers. It's super annoying that some brand of diapers in small sizes don't come in the big boxes. We were using Huggies and they worked really well until I put the size 1 on him. They don't fit right and they sometimes leak. My cousin was telling me that some brands are for girls and some are better fitting for boys. Not sure if that's true but he told me to try Luvs. He has a 9 month old son. When I first opened the pack I was like what is this and even asked him if he was sure they worked. They're a lot thinner than Huggies but they work a million times better and aren't bulky when he pees in them. So while standing there looking at the diapers there was a thing that was playing music for kids/babies. Like sing-a-long songs and stuff. Levi kept staring at it and was giggling. I found which cd was playing and we decided to get it for him. He loves anything that plays music and bright colors on the tv.

I got him one other thing and decided that this would be his first "Easter Basket".
I'm excited for him to start using his Bumbo!

This was before we went to see the Easter bunny. His expression is funny...
Another thing that annoys me...We got his outfit at Target. It's the Carter's brand. It's the 3 month size and the shirt fits fine but the shorts were really tight and almost didn't fit. So I'm thinking what the heck. Then I looked at the tag and the shorts were newborn size. Yet they were attached to each other with one of those plastic things they put tags on with. How annoying right?! So now he can only wear the shorts a few times. I guess next time I'll make sure I look and make sure they match the sizes right!

We don't have any plans for Easter other than relaxing and cooking some yummy food!

I'm soooo happy my little miracle made it into this world and gets to enjoy so many firsts and there are a lot more to come!

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