Saturday, August 25, 2012

This past week has been busy! Last Saturday we went camping with Blake's sister and her kids.

Levi camping 

Sunday we took Levi to his first Fair! He was hot and fell asleep like this!

He already has one of these but we found this one for free! It has different toys on it and he likes it better. Score!

Thursday mommy and daddy got some alone time and we went to the Titans game!

 The new jumbo screens this year and there's a stage where Phill Vassar sings!
Love our seats!

Ran to the store with my mom and this was a first for Levi...

Eating his munchies that he loves!

This weekend Brody came over. Now that Levi can actually play they are so funny together.

This picture is hilarious! He's actually standing up! 

I can't believe he is almost 8 months! And he is def a boy. When I give him a bath or change his diaper he tries grabbing his boy parts! lol just like a man! We repeat things to him a lot and we're pretty sure he's said a few words. He tries so hard to talk and it's so funny. He loves when daddy tickles his back and acts goofy.    He eats his baby food like a pro and loves drinking his juice cup by himself. He only gets a bottle of formula twice a day now. If you sing him 3 little monkeys it instantly calms him for some reason. He just sits and stares at you. He likes to take long naps which daddy lets him so the last few days his sleep pattern has been messed up, which isn't fun for me!  Other than the last few nights he still sleeps from 9/10-5:30 and then goes   back to sleep for a few hours. He has a ton of hair! He's gonna be on his 3rd haircut pretty soon. When he gets hot he sweats and it gets curly.

I love watching him grow and can't wait to see him hit other milestones! He's come a long way!
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