Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Levi sleeping last night. He took a long nap and it helped him sleep better through the night. He still only wakes up once around 4-5am. I'm pretty sure he is teething because he whines all of the time! No matter what you hand him he puts it in his mouth and chews on it. And he constantly plays with his feet. When he's all stretched out he looks so long! He's not a fan of laying down during the day. He likes to be held and sit up and play. He is so cute when he sits in his high chair. Makes him look grown :(
Baby feet are the cutest thing in the entire world!
Levi and his cousin Brody. He kept wanting to kiss him!
The holidays are making me super excited! We've already started Christmas shopping. He's probably going to get a ton of presents since his birthday is 2 days after Christmas. Not like he's spoiled or anything!

Oh and he's already had his 2nd haircut! Seeing as I do it for a living...I've done tons of first haircuts and the poor babies are terrified and scream their heads off. Def not going to be my baby. I don't think the long shaggy hair is cute and my opinion the sooner you get them accustomed to it the better for everyone!

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