Monday, July 16, 2012

Levi's World

Levi will be 7 months old in 11 days :( He's getting so big!

Since he loves water we got out his big boy bath tub and let him play in it.

He is such a funny boy. He 'talks', giggles and smiles all of the time!

We've tried feeding him baby food a few times last month. Once he ate a whole jar of applesauce and loved it. So the next time we tried it again and he wouldn't eat it. I just happened to get some of the vegetable flavors like carrots and sweet potatoes. He is a huge fan! He hates the bananas and anything sweet but eats carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and even peas! Which I hear is the worst and most babies won't eat it. Not him! He's a little pig!

We started sitting him in his high chair and he does really good. He bangs on the tray and kicks his feet. So funny! Now he eats baby food twice a day and makes a huge mess. But he leans back and opens his mouth and even fusses when you don't keep it coming fast enough. So glad we didn't have to struggle with feeding him!

The one thing we need to work on his getting him in his crib. No he does not sleep in our bed. He sleeps in his rock and play sleeper which is where he has slept since we brought him home. I've just felt more comfortable with it since I was scared to death of SIDS.

He rolls over and sits up but still needs some support. If he didn't have his daddy's big ole' head I'm sure he could support it by now. lol 

His favorite thing to do at the moment is yell! He does it for as long as he can hold his breath. Funniest thing ever. I have a video of him doing it today but I can't get it to load. He does it everywhere we go! And I can't help but laugh when people look.

Today we went to his nanny's and he finally got to meet his uncle Clark! Blake's youngest brother. So glad he has so many people in his life that love him and spoil him!

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