Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fair Time!

Monday night we took Levi to the fair for his first time this year (2nd total). And he got to ride rides for the first time! He loved it!
Our state fair isn't any good so we always go to the Wilson County Fair.
He wanted to walk and sometimes didn't want me holding his hand.

He loved the animals. Until the Sheep made him cry by making their noise.

His first ride! He loved it. We rode this train twice and then we rode the dumbo ride once. He was so mad that he couldn't ride on the little cars that went around. He wasn't tall enough :(  He walked over to it by himself and even tried going up the steps. Then cried when I had to take him away. 

He had hotdogs and loved looking at everything. They even had a dog show. He loves animals!
 He calls balloons pop pops. Some kids walking around had them and he kept pointing and saying pop pop but I had no clue where they gave them away at.
 Eating his hot dogs
On the way out he got a sucker. Silly boy!

We're going back to the fair tomorrow night! Can't wait!

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