Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Levi's 1st Trip To Ohio!

This past weekend my mom, Levi and myself took a short trip back to Ohio. We didn't do anything fun like I was wanting. But we got to see family and everyone meet Levi for the first time!

Levi with my older brother. He doesn't have any kids but loves playing with his nephews.
We went to breakfast at Big Boy's! This is how Levi eats when we go to a restaurant. He will not sit in a high chair. And his first time with a silly straw.
 I played with this toy when I was little. He loved it. They don't make stuff like this anymore. I tried finding this on ebay but holy cow it's expensive since it's from the 80s.
 Love this picture. Levi with his great grandma.
Great Grandma, Me and Levi
We had lunch at Massey's with my aunt and uncle. The best pizza in the world. Levi loved my uncle Tom. He always picked on me when I was little and would tie my shoe laces together all the time. Levi kept smacking him with a fork. To funny!
He loved playing with his cars at the hotel.

Today is Blake's birthday!
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Oh and I kinda forgot to mention that someone is officially a walker! Took long enough!

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