Friday, December 20, 2013

Levi update!

I keep forgetting to update this! Oops!

Mr.Levi will be 2 in 9 days! That's crazy! 

I guess I'll just post all of the pictures I have from the last 2 months....
 Halloween. We actually didn't go trick or treating this year because the weather was bad and they actually ended up cancelling it :(
We went on a lot of walks this fall. Levi loves being outside!

 He loves Mickey Mouse!

 When did he get so big!?
He got his first pair of Toms! So cute!
His favorite thing ever. He asks for a bath every day. Except he says "ba". And lately he loves bubble baths. So I ask him, Do you want a bath or a bubble bath? Now he says bubble all the time. He even goes and gets his bubbles and hands them to me. Love!
He climbs on everything now! Including the dining room table!
He is def a Christmas baby. He loves everything Christmas. He knows Santa and says ho ho ho all the time. Luckily he hasn't knocked the tree down or messed it up too much. He likes climbing under it!

 So handsome! After his like 10th haircut. He does good when I use the clippers on the sides but he hates the scissors! Which is odd because at work it's the other way around with kids.
We had our first and probably only snow of the year. It last a few hours. He wasn't a fan!

We went to Opryland Hotel and saw the lights. He loved it!

Blake and I had our first trip away from Levi. We FINALLY got to go to NYC! It was so fun! We flew in on Friday and only stayed until Sunday.
 We stayed at Pod 39 which was in Manhattan on 39th and 3rd. It was awesome. We stayed on the 15th floor. We could see the Empire State Building from our room. And we were just a few blocks from Grand Central Station. We rode the subway every where. It was so fun!
 9/11 Memorial. This was the #1 thing on Blake's list since he was in the army and got deployed to Iraq for a year. They're building 7 buildings and only have 2 finished but are working on 2 more.
 Grand Central
 Central Park
 Times Square
 My list. I got to see everything. Plus we went in St Patricks Cathedral and went to China town!

And I shall leave you with this.....
I can't help but laugh. I guess he likes the thought of Santa but doesn't actually like him. Idk whos face is funnier. Hahaha!

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