Friday, February 22, 2013

I kinda forget to blog most of the time. Oops.

Levi has been super cranky lately and Wednesday morning he had a low grade fever. I figured it was just teething since his back teeth are now coming in but I made a doctors appointment and got in within an hour. And I'm glad I did because he has his first ear infection. I thought a teething baby was cranky. Oh no! I sick baby is awful. He would cry constantly. Didn't sleep good at all! He became very clingy. He always wanted to be held. Every day is a new learning experience!

Talking about clingy. This is what happens when I'm in the shower. He stands there and pulls the curtain back which gets him soaking wet. So I ended up giving him a bath. He LOVES bath time and could sit in there all day and play.

He's also sneaky. Glad I just changed the bag! He loves any kind of ball. He carries them around everywhere and now he stands at the trash can and throws things in it. No telling what I may or may not have thrown away.

I think we were eating and he decided to stand at the table and eat too! lol

Playing like a big boy

This is what Levi made us for Valentine's Day. We both had to work so he stayed with my sister in law and she made this for us. So cute! And I still have it hanging on the fridge.

The next month is going to be busy! In 2 weeks were moving to a bigger town home and then April 22nd we are staying in a condo on the beach in Panama City! I'm excited to relax for once.

I've also lost 9.4 pounds plus gained muscle. And can fit in single digit pant size again! Finding time to go to the gym is super hard these days but I want to be healthy for the future so I make time!

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