Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Today is Christmas. Tlhis year has gone by so fast. And in 2 days I will have a 1 year old! Crazy!

Friday night we had Christmas at my dads house because they were going out of town. Levi opened his first present ever and he could have cared less! He played with the toys but wouldn't pull the paper off.

Last night we went to Blake's moms and stopped at his dads before then.
 Cousin Tanner
Cousin Chloe
Uncle Clark
Aunt Selena and cousin Chloe
Cousin Dylan and Uncle Clark
Uncle Brandon, Dylan and Clark

Today we are doing our Christmas in the morning and then around 5 my family is coming over. I'll have to post those pictures tomorrow.

Eating mexican. He loves rice and beans!

Playing under his crib

Playing with just some of his toys. He got the car on the left for Christmas. I'm afraid if he gets anymore presents from anyone else they might start to be duplicates!

Our tree. This is gonna be fun!

I did a lot of baking. This is just one of the cookies I made. Melting snowmen!

My handsome man that will not keep his socks on. 2 seconds in the car and they come off.

This is a Christmas present from his girlfriend Ella. She's only 3 months old and the prettiest little girl I have ever seen. No joke! I call her his future wife lol

Eating chicken nuggets. One of his favorite foods.

We're in the process of switching him over to whole milk. He isn't a fan so we're doing half formula half milk until he gets use to it. And he's eating a ton more solids. Hopefully soon he will just eat what we eat. He gets chocked up sometimes still so he's still getting some baby food.

His first birthday is on Thursday! Friday he has his one year check up and then his birthday party is on Saturday! I had no clue where to have it since we obviously can't do it outside so we will be going to Chuck E. Cheese! I got all Mickey Mouse stuff and a Mickey Mouse cake. I can't wait to give him his smash cake. I have a feeling he probably won't even touch it. He hates having anything sticky on his hands. And won't touch things if they feel wet.

I was hoping to get Christmas pictures done but it didn't work out. The last few weeks have been crazy!

Christmas morning! He has had 5 haircuts already!

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